Our Kennels

The Kennels are heated with a fully tiled sleeping area which opens out into large individual all weather covered runs for each dog.  Each sleeping area has its own raised bed with vet bedding provided.  We do ask customers to bring in whatever makes their dog happy.  There is loads of room in the kennels.  There is background music provided for the dogs and we do have movie nights.  🙂

All our guests need to have their vacinations up to date for entry to Happy Tails.

Please ensure that if your dog is on medication that you do bring it with you along with any instructions you may wish us to have for your dog for their stay. 

If your dog is on a special diet please bring their food and we will continue it as advised by you.  We currently feed all dogs here Royal Canin Dog Food. 

Finally if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.